Onetone 2.0.0 Recovery

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You can restore this version over any version greater than 2.0.0 and recover the "Theme Option Control Panel" Compatible to restore from version 2.5.1 or lower.

The version 2.0.0 was and has always been the most successful version of WordPress themes. This version has the particularity of being built with a Control Panel for editing the front of the house; this, beautiful, practical, comfortable and easy to use control panel for editing the front of the house allows you in a fast, effective and professional way to give your personal touch to your website (WordPress) .. The theme 2.0.0 is a classic that is no longer available for massive downloads, but still works impeccably .. Download it now, this edition is limited and we only have a limited number of downloads available

ABOUT Onetome old theme recovery

Onetone Old Theme Recovery - Recover your favorite Onetone version only on

Onetone theme old version recovery

Onetone by WPMagee, probably, is one of the best themes ever designed in WordPress, this beautifully designed theme, has had many stages, some better than others.

When WPMagee makes the updates all the old versions disappear, frustrating thousands of users when they can not recover the previous version.

In Onetone Club, we have good news for the lovers of the old versions of Onetone, since we are one of the very few platforms that have the original copies of the old versions.

Register that we will gladly to assist you in our Restore Onetone theme Support Area.

Yes ! the special editions versions 2.0.0, 2.0.1, 2.0.2 and up are all available.